It was the Romans that first dug a ditch outside London’s defensive wall. Variously leveled, filled and redug over the years, the ditch subsequently became known as Houndsditche, apparently in reference to the quantity of dead dogs thrown in it.

Later, during Victorian times, Houndsditch became a market for all kinds of goods, from clothing through to oranges and jewellery. Large fortunes were made on the street, as all the while Jack The Ripper stalked his victims in the alleys nearby. We know this from the frequent tour groups that come by.

All that aside, there’s been a pub at no 31 for as long as anyone can remember. We are incredibly proud to be the current one.


We’re very proud of our pizzas. Our dough is made on site each day using proper “tipo 00” flour and fresh yeast, just like in Italy. Each base is then hand-stretched, topped and stone-baked to perfection by a skilled “pizzaiolo”. Give them a try. We think they’re up there with the best of them.


Our burgers are handmade for us by our friends at Norsted Manor Farm. Now, we’ve tried a few burgers in our time and we thought these were excellent. So we try not to “gild the lily” too much – they’re simply served chargrilled, on a brioche roll with crinkle-cut fries (natch) and a pickle. Patty perfection.